Our thoughts

Achieving greatness requires unwavering faith.
That is why we are able to achieve.

Helping to create a world where the hearts and minds of people around the world are full, free and abundant in time, money, body, spirit, place, and choice.

Rempli: past participle of the French verb remplir “to fill,” meaning full or overflowing, we hope to contribute to a free and filled world with our fellow supporters.

Our Corporate Philosophy

We will conduct our business based on the following corporate philosophy
We put the product developer’s concept first.
We will only sell products that we are passionate about.
We will share our product vision with our customers to make our products even better.


Company name Rempli Tokyo & Co.
Location KC Building 6F, 2-35-1 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044, Japan
Representative Naoki Deguchi
Establishment January 6, 2020
Capital 3 million yen
Business Description/td>

Domestic sales, import and export sales
Contact. TEL:+81-50-5372-6768