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Earphones that you can take out and listen to right away.
Easy to listen to music while going out or playing sports.
And when you get a call, you can answer it right away.
And of course, it's easy to put them away!
We hope to bring you a lighter life with music.

360° Electric Toothbrush Y-Brush

For a pleasant start to the day! Only 10 seconds!
Declaration of freedom from tedious morning tooth brushing! Brush your teeth in just 10 seconds! Shorten your morning routine and make your teeth sparkle✨!
Super fine bristles and sonic vibrations instantly remove plaque and stains deep in periodontal pockets with superior cleaning power!
Developed with dentists over a period of 4 years, the ultimate smart electric sonic toothbrush is proudly made in France!

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A whole new kind of personal trainer

Toward your ideal body! Body composition analyzer with a free app that provides one-stop suggestions for training and diet!
Easy! Convenient! Fun! Your own personal diet concierge takes care of everything! All you do is measure!
Bello will suggest the best goals, diet, and exercise plan for you, free of charge! You can start dieting without hesitation!
Accurate body composition data analysis comparable to professional use! No matter the time of day or the amount of water in your body! Accurate measurements without any blurring!
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